Semalt Expert Warns Of The World's Biggest Spammers. Be Safe!

If you receive a large number of emails with links to online stores or people begging for money, there are chances that a spammer has guessed your ID and has started sending you fake messages. In the first half of 2011, most of the spam in our inbox used to come from India. By 2016, the top spam-sending countries were India (20%), Indonesia (13%), Russia (10%) and South Korea (12%).

Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, takes a look here at the most compelling facts concerning world spam.

Russia is widely famous for its cybercriminals and gangs such as Koobface. According to Trend Micro, which is a renowned cybersecurity Californian company, Russia is now forefront when it comes to online scams and spam. Trend Micro's report reveals that the most visible events such as Whitney Houston's sudden death, sociopolitical upheavals the world over, and Linsanity provided cybercriminals with new social-engineering materials and campaign ideas. It helped them infect and penetrate a large number of email ID and networks to access our private data.

Up to eighty percent of spam targeted online is generated by a group of over 100 persons, all of them belong to a spam gang. The name of this gang is Spamhaus. Its Register Of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database has caused lots of problems for internet users. A few years ago, a Ukraine-based spammer sent millions of malware and viruses using a specific botnet technology. The host of spammer's website was a China-based web hosting company, Trend Micro has reported. Michael Boehm and Associates was an American organization, consisting of a large number of spammers. They sent automated spam and viruses on the internet, creating problems for various users. Their primary target was scraped lists, and they operated under leading business and individual names.

Yair Shalev was a high-profile snowshoe spammer from Florida. He partnered with a ROKSO spammer, Darrin Wohl, to develop technologies to destroy a large number of computer and mobile devices the world over. Dante Jimenez was a US-based spammer who worked with worst cybercriminals and botnet experts the world over. He was involved in various botnet spamming projects and was forefront in hacking the servers and prominent news websites. Peter Severa was a professional Russian spammer who wrote and sold different virus-spamming programs, spamware, and botnets for millions to billions of dollars. He was also involved in writing and releasing world's worst trojans and viruses. He has had worked with various European and American botnet spammers and had partnered with a US-based spammer, Alan Ralsky.

Michael Persaud was arrested by the FBI a few months ago. He was involved in extensive frauds and was charged for different spamming operations. Yambo Financials is another Ukrainian spammer who was involved in various cybercrimes. He developed plenty of pirated programs and sold them for millions of dollars. He had also set up a fake bank account on the internet and stole lots of money from the legitimate bank accounts. So far, this spammer has been accused of various cybercrimes, and the FBI is after him. Sooner or later, he will be arrested, Trend Micro reports.